Anime/Manga One punch man’s interesting origin story

The following story is for all the procrastinators who complain about something or the other before they start to do a project.

“We don’t have a proper camera,” We don’t have a budget,” “There are no good actors” etc., are some of the common excuses used by people who haven’t started to make their movie yet.

This story illustrates how sometimes you have to say, screw it and do whatever you need to do. There was a person who wanted to make a manga series (Japanese weekly comic) of his own.

Now this person had no artistic talent whatsoever. He couldn’t draw worth a damn. But, he had ideas for relatable characters, a great concept, and a brilliant moral.

Now this person didn’t do what anyone else would’ve done and waited for an artist to show up. Instead, he took matters into his own hands and illustrated them himself.

This caught the attention of the internet, and soon traffic was pouring onto these web-comics that he had on his website. People who had come to make fun of the artwork stuck around for the story.

This caught the attention of a real manga studio that purchased the license to redraw his work. The success of the manga spawned an anime series that was hugely successful both critically and commercially.

Take a look at the difference between the original art and redone art.

By now, a lot of you may have guessed who I’m talking about. The author is ONE, a pseudonym for the author of One-Punch Man. The author also has a similar hit series called Mob Psycho 100.

Both his manga have received anime adaptations and have had roaring successes. Both are in the top 100 of all anime, according to, with OPM being rank 49 and Mob Psycho at 100 as of writing this article.

So, take inspiration from this person who just went out to do whatever he wanted without caring about any other external factors. If you have quality content, people will be willing to see it.

So stop making excuses and do what you have to do. Good luck!!!
You can check out his original work here:

And the anime here:

Both are brilliant.

Try the English dub for the anime if you aren’t comfortable with Japanese. Please support the official release.

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