Just Mercy 2019 Movie Review

Michael B. Jordan shines in this engaging biopic of renowned civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson.


A young Harvard graduate, Bryan Stevenson ( Michael B. Jordan) moves to Alabama to help innocent people who have been wrongly convicted to death row. There he takes up the case of Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), an African-American man who had been falsely condemned for the murder of an 18-year old girl and tries to prove his innocence. Just Mercy is co-written & directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, and produced by Michael B. Jordan, Gil Netter, and Asher Goldstein.

Things that worked

To begin with, I loved the story, and it got me hooked right from the start. I was thoroughly invested in the characters and wanted them to succeed. All the performances were excellent. To start, Michael B. Jordan was remarkable as Bryan Stevenson. His performance was on point and enjoyable. In particular, there is a scene where he witnesses the execution of a death row prisoner, and it was so authentic.

Jamie Foxx’s character Walter McMillan had a lot going on, and I felt bad for him. His performance on top of that took the film to another level. I was able to side with him right from the start and genuinely wanted him to win.

The soundtrack was so uplifting and perfect for the film. It elevated the scenes and amplified the film’s impact. The cinematography and production design supported the film’s tone and have certainly succeeded in creating the look of the 80s. From the costumes to set design, everything was so accurate, and this added a lot of authenticity to the film.

Things that could have been better

The film became predictable towards the end, and I thought it could have had more suspense. Brie Larson’s performance was fantastic, and I thought a couple more scenes could have been given to her.

Similarly, the backstories of the other death row inmates could have been a lot more fledged out, in my opinion. This would have made the movie a lot more interesting and engaging to watch.

Verdict – (4/5)

Overall, Just mercy is a great courtroom drama which sheds light on the unjust court system with stellar performances from Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Foxx.

P. S – The post-credit scenes made my day!!!


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