The Lodge 2020 Movie Review

Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz, the talented duo behind “Goodnight Mommy” return with their next nightmare “The Lodge”


Two children (Jaeden Martell) (Lia McHugh) are forced to be with their father’s fiance Grace (Riley Keough) at a remote winter cabin for a couple of days. Some strange and unexplainable things happen as their relationship with Grace (Riley Keough) begin to deepen. The Lodge is written and directed by Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz, the talented duo behind Goodnight Mommy.

Things that worked

The character design of Grace was fantastic. she had a lot of depth, in my opinion. After knowing her back story, I felt sorry for her and genuinely wanted her to be happy. Riley Keough was wonderful as Grace. She perfectly nailed the role, and I was thoroughly invested in her throughout the film.

The cinematography was phenomenal. All the shots were well planned and certainly helped in maintaining the suspense throughout the film. I also liked the production design of the film. I loved how they made the ceilings shorter and visible on camera. It made the movie a lot more claustrophobic, in my opinion.

The film had a lot of ambiguity and I was completely hooked right from the start. This ambiguity with well-planned camera work and set design made the film a lot more terrifying to watch. The soundtrack was unsettling and added a lot of tension to the scenes.

Things that could have been better

I personally didn’t like the third act of the movie. I thought the motives of the children were not strong enough to justify their actions. I just couldn’t understand their characters. To be precise, Jaeden Martell’s character Aidan remained a total mystery to me. He didn’t have scenes to justify his actions, and this took a toll on the film’s authenticity.

Verdict – (3/5)

Overall, The Lodge is a well-directed horror movie with a lot of suspense and ambiguity. I thought the third act reduced the overall impact of the film and could have been done differently.


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